FIRST Power Up – 2018

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With the partnership of the Team Ri3D 1.0 and over the last three days, we set out to build a successful robot for the 2018 FRC game, FIRST Power Up. Our robot utilizes a grabbing claw system to hold, lift, and transport power cubes, as well as a hook on a measuring tape dispenser in order to climb. While our grabbing claw worked flawlessly, the climber system had some issues. With our restrictions in time, we weren’t fully capable of climbing. This had to do with the way our motors were mounted and attached to the dispenser. The theory works and with some more fine tuning, we would be able to climb well over 12 inches. We had 3 Days, you guys have 5 more weeks. You can do better than us! Good luck teams!!

Special Thanks to:

FRC Team 3337 – Panthrobotics

FRC Team 6489 – Bronco Robotics

Leverage3 Marketing Group

LSU College of Engineering

Dr. Craig Harvey

Dr. Warren Waggenspack

Dr. Marcio de Queiroz

Adrienne Steele

Josh Duplechain

April Gaydos – Snack Mom

Caroline Cochran – Documentarian