About Us

As a Whole:

The Robotics branch of the Society of Peer Mentors leads students at elementary, middle, and high school levels in various robotics programs/curriculum.  We collaborate with these programs in order to inspire young students to become involved in exciting and innovative technological fields. As college students at LSU, our mentors are trained in both leadership and technical fields in order to learn how to mentor responsibly. We teach our mentors that being a leader of a robotics team means showing others how, then helping them, and finally observing as they accomplish their goals themselves.

How We Help:

Mentors are expected to encourage students to think critically prior to building. Once the team decides on a design for the robot, we are there to aid them in whatever hands-on skills they might need us for. Using tools, wiring components, and programming are three skills that many students might need our help with. Another important aspect of the robotics team is correlating between the older and newer students. Because they are working in a group, mentors should help encourage the older students to involve the younger ones who might not know as much about the program yet.

Currently, we work with 13 schools across multiple parishes, with 23 mentors working along side them.

  • Iberville MSA East
  • Port Allen High School
  • Zachary High School
  • Parkview Baptist
  • Woodlawn High School
  • Westdale Elementary
  • Lee High School
  • Holy Family
  • Dutchtown Middle School
  • East Ascension High School
  • Saint Joseph’s Academy
  • Girl Scout FLL Team
  • The Dunham School

Our Goal:

We are a group of leaders hoping to develop future leaders in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematic fields.






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