Robotics Updates in Baton Rouge

Written by: Krista Scafidel

Recently, the Society of Peer Mentors had the opportunity to reach out into the community and share what we have been working on. Reaching out into the community is a way for us as engineering students to inspire the future generations of STEM graduates.  The amount of jobs in the STEM career field is constantly expanding, therefore we need to help prepare students for the field. Having community outreaches is very critical for this. Outreaches allow students to learn about what is going on in the field while getting to experience it hands on.  This past week we were able to present “Peggy,” our 3 Day Robot, at two events: The Louisiana Art and Science Museum’s Engineering Day and Lee High School’s Robotics Open House.

During Louisiana Art and Science Museum’s Engineering Day, we were able to teach students of all ages about the FIRST program and how they can get involved at their local schools. We also brought Peggy and allowed students to see what is involved in the building process and how the scoring mechanisms operate. This gave the students and parents an opportunity to ask any questions that they had about robotics and the Society of Peer Mentors, while inspiring them to become involved in STEM.

Lee High has a FIRST Robotics team that designed a robot for competition. The robot was designed to play the same game as Peggy (FIRST Robotics, Steamworks). The team hosted a showcase to show the community what the students have worked on and accomplished over the six week build period. During this time, we were able to talk with the students and parents about the our program and Peggy’s purpose as they prepare to transition into the collegiate level.


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