Mentor Spotlight: Matthew Byrne

This week we are putting a spotlight on one of our veteran mentors, Matt Byrne.

Matt Byrne is a Senior in Mechanical Engineering. He is originally from Metairie, Louisiana and enjoys painting, reading, playing video games, building robots, and watching movies. Matt is an eagle scout, the first in his family to be exact. His goals for the next few years is to graduate as a Mechanical Engineer and go on a North American Adventure. After spending some time traveling, we wants to work in the engineering industry.

What is your favorite part about being a robotics mentor?

The best part of being a robotics mentor is the look on a student’s face when they see what they have created. The joy that comes from seeing a student experiencing that “Oh WOW!” moment from learning something new or being acknowledge for their work is why I continue to do this year after year.

How has being a robotics mentor impacted you personally and/or professionally (i.e.: internships, leadership skills, etc.)?

In terms of leadership, being a robotics mentor has taught me to step back and see the bigger picture of events. It has taught me patience when working with others (especially younger students and peers) and how to smile through difficult situations. This program has taught me how to dial back on my hyperactivity and be more patient, discerning, and most of all hold myself to a higher standard.

What do you think it means to be a robotics mentor?

It is one thing to be a mentor. Usually, we fit a mold of good-hearted professionals who want to give back. Though that is true, being a robotics mentor is so much more. It is not just outreach, but personal investment and commitment with a group of students. We work to show them what they can engineer, design, and fabricate themselves through sharing your own knowledge and experiences. It is wanting to give students in any school or program an opportunity that you, personally, may not have had so that they can be inspired to engineer their own bright future.


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