How has being a Robotics Mentor Impacted You?

As robotics mentors, we work to help teams and students succeed in their robotics programs. Our goal is to inspire students with regards to STEM, but these programs are not the only one’s impacted. Our mentors are impacted and influenced by working with this program. This semester we polled each mentor to ask them how being a robotics mentor has impacted them. Check out their responses below!!

Being a robotics mentor has helped me by giving me a way to gain experience as a mentor and leader, which has opened the door to opportunities for me such as Google’s Ignite Computer Science Program.
Jonathan Nguyen – Computer Science, Senior

Being a robotics mentor has helped with leadership skills. Although the students I work with are younger and the issues faced aren’t always necessarily what I would face in a leadership position with a company, the conflict resolution skills still apply and help me make decisions.
Matthew Hasse – Computer Engineering, Senior

Has been a very fun experience thus far! I’ve gained further appreciation for engineering and learned that helping others helps myself.
Peter Nguyen – Electrical Engineering, Freshman

Being a robotics mentor has had a major impact on my education. Being a mentor has allowed me to think outside of the box. When a student designs a mechanism, you are presented with the challenge of making their idea a reality . Therefore, using what I have learned thus far to help create a mechanism that fulfills their design.”
Krista Scafidel – Mechanical Engineering, Junior

Being a robotics mentor opened many doors for me. I got my first internship because of this program. It has really helped me develop my professionalism and increased my network.”
Marlou de Guzman – Electrical Engineering, Senior

Let’s me put my schooling to practice. It also helped me get jobs!”
Brett Dupree – Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore

Being a robotics mentor has taught me more than I could have predicted, and not just including the literal mechanics behind constructing a robot. I have further developed my analytical and problem solving skills, while getting to experience the joys of the unpredictability and growth from collaborating with high school students each week.
Julie Reinecke – Electrical Engineering, Senior

This program  has inspired me to be a better person, a better leader, and a better professional. It has also made me look at the bigger picture in terms of what we do here. What we do isn’t just mentoring or leading, it is showing kids a brighter future through engineering, science, technology and math and what they can do themselves.”
Matthew Byrne – Mechanical Engineering, Senior


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